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Unlocking the Rewards of Living with Purpose

I don’t know anyone who is not looking for the best life they can have. I feel safe in saying that most of us want to have our best life, and that is a successful life.

Where we often differ is, what exactly a “successful life” is and looks like for us personally.

I believe it’s a personal thing we each have to decide for ourselves. And we have to have a clear picture of what it is we are pursuing.

After laboring with this question for myself, I’m sharing my personal definition. Here goes.

“A successful life for me is doing the things I am gifted and designed to do, and allowing life to reward me personally, socially, and financially for the value I add to my environments.”

Three things I would love to quickly point out.

1.    First, when I am doing the things I am gifted and designed to do, I can expect to enjoy life in an abundant way. That means I am living a fulfilled life, experientially. This provides my personal fulfillment and the rewards that come with self-actualization, or being my best.

2.    Second, when I’m fulfilled, my relationships blossom. You can only enjoy others to the degree you enjoy yourself. That is living an authentic life, which is a prize in and of itself. Great relationships are social rewards.

3.  Third is the financial reward. We all, of course, want to be financially rewarded for what we do. When we are engaging in activities where we excel, we are usually solving problems for others. Anytime we solve problems for others, we are typically rewarded financially.

Having this type of a successful life is labor intensive. I believe only the knowledgeable and resilient can achieve it.

“The Proof of Learning, is Change.”


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