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Living Life as a Creative Process

Your greatest successes will probably be come by doing something you are specially gifted to do, and your ability to build your life around that giftedness, what some people would call your strengths. This is a creative process that begins by understanding your giftedness, which would be your natural strengths, talents, skills, and aptitudes. Once you know what you have, you must design a way to fit your pieces together in a way that produces the life you desire to have.

If you have ever worked a puzzle, you know the first thing you do is lay all your pieces out on the table to see what is there. Next, you look for the frame pieces, which represents your boundaries. Once the boundaries are in place, you can now begin to put the pieces together to create the whole picture. As you work your puzzle, the whole picture is eventually revealed.

Once you see your picture, your have the information to create your own personal vision, which is what you desire to do, become, or achieve. Don’t worry, it isn’t written in stone, but written on an editable tablet should you discover new pieces in the future. Your vision is yours.

Your vision is what you want to become, do, or achieve, and it should align with a passion you have. Your passion is why you want to achieve your vision. Passion is important because you will always face obstacles as you pursue vision. Your passion will be the fuel that empowers and motivates you to overcome those obstacles.


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