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Life as a Creative Process

Approaching life as a creative process is an exciting way to live! You cease from merely existing, and begin to live an intentional life, moving towards a personal destination you have chosen to pursue.

It motivates you to step out of the box of comfort and live with an mindset that’s free to consider things you may have never considered before. Its an opportunity to create something new with your life, so don’t be afraid to open yourself to new avenues of discovery that you normally would not consider.

Innovative ideas come to us in different ways. Some will be unique to your own thinking, but others may come from conversations with people you normally wouldn’t talk to or associate with. Consider visiting venues you typically would never go. Be courageous and unafraid to think in new ways.

Lastly, don’t be discouraged if ideas don’t immediately flow. You may be prone to a set mind, but you can get around it by learning to be more openminded. An innovative mindset is a major part of living the creative process.

Embracing Your Creativity 

Being creative can be daunting and stressful, especially when we approach it the wrong way. What is the wrong way? Failing to understand that it is more like a marathon than it is a sprint. Pursuing it with the right approach produces the best results.

The best approach is having a relaxed mindset that can enjoy the art of creating. You are creating a new life which should not be totally focused on reaching a particular destination, but focused more on the thrill of creating what you personally desire for your own life and future. Think about that for a moment, and allow yourself the freedom to enjoy the process.

If you find yourself constantly filled with inner stress and anxiety, stop and recalibrate. You have an inner compass you can rely upon to help you maneuver along your personal journey. Trust it.

Developing Resilience

Whenever we are creating something new, it is important to remember that we don’t have all the answers upfront. What we do have is an idea, a dream, perhaps even a vision. We have an idea about something we want to create, and we may be starting with a brand new slate, or we may be starting someplace in the middle. Realizing we don’t have all the answers today, reminds us that creating is a process, meaning we are learning as we go. Some parts of the process will work, others will not. Don’t become discouraged when some things do not work out. Think about the failures as one great inventor said, you’ve just learned something that doesn’t work. Keep moving forward.

More About Your Journey

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The journey to a creative life can be lonely. It can be helpful if you can find a buddy, preferably a significant other who is willing to support your efforts without attempting to control those efforts. This will be someone who will be more willing to listen than they are to talk, knowing it is your personal journey and not theirs. It doesn’t mean we will not have to make some concessions because of other commitments and relationships. But, we can treat those concessions as negotiations where everyone wins, including you.

We know there will always be obstacles that seem to make our journey impossible. I remember getting to my next to last class to complete a graduate degree, when the most important person in my life passed away. It seemed to me my world had come to an abrupt end — and to some degree it had. How do we go on when we face those type of seemingly insurmountable obstacles? And make no mistake, they will happen.

In my situation, I had to find ways of managing my significant grief. When I needed to cry, I did. At one point, I volunteered to do some Hospice work. In serving others, I found my service was a way to divert my thoughts away from my own inner pain, if only for a while.

Obstacles usually require us to learn new management skills. They cannot stop us from completing our journey, only we can do that. They can and will challenge us, and produce change that only obstacles can produce. The obstacles we face and the learning we acquire from them, become a part of our journey between where we are, and where we desire to be. Stay with your dream!


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