Self Mastery Coaching

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Coaching FAQs

Who is this coaching for?

This coaching is for anyone who is serious about having a better life, and believes that can be achieved through personal development, growth, and learning. 

What type of life issues are appropriate for coaching?

Coaching is a great way to work through emotional situations and spiritual situations. It is also ideal for overcoming obstacles that hinder our progress and success, e.g. performance on the job or at home, personal things that may be difficult to talk about with others. Sometimes we simply need support and someone to listen in order to work through situations. Your coach is your partner.

How would you describe the relationship between the coach and the person being coached?

Your coach is not your expert, but your partner. Coaches use what’s called skilled inquiry to help you discover the answers that are already in you.

How does a coaching session work?

Coaching is a partnership

The person being coach, comes to the coaching session with a goal for each session. That is what is worked on.

What is the main objective of the coach?

The main objective of the coach is the success of the person being coached.

How long are coaching sessions?

The coach and the person being coached make and agree upon the rules we will use in our partnership.

How often are coaching sessions held and where?

We decide how often to meet, and what medium to use. We can meet in person, virtual, chat, you name it.
How many sessions will I Need?

It depends on the goal and what happens during coaching. It could be one session, or it could be several. Each party is free to stop our partnership at any time, with absolutely no questions being asked.

Coaches help you overcome hurdles