Self Mastery Coaching

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Closing Your Gap

Moving from where you are

to where you desire to be

You may have a dream or idea about something you would like to do, be, or achieve in your future. But today, you are far away from that dream.

Closing Your Gap is the coaching program that helps you move from where you are [your current reality], to where you desire to be [your desired outcome].

I believe that “learning” is the key to closing the gap. It isn’t just any learning; but the right learning that empowers you to move closer to your dream.

Right learning is not necessarily going back to school, but acquiring the education you need to make your dream a reality. It could be taking a class online, working in a new position on your current job, or even changing jobs. Right learning may involve developing a different type of mindset, or learning to manage your internal pictures which are called mental models.

In this coaching program, we look for the things that will likely help you close your gap.