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About the Workshop

Its Your Story

Who you are today is a composite of your strengths, experiences, values, life lessons, beliefs, and even your weaknesses. Discovering Your Divine Design is a coaching program that endeavors to identify and evaluate the pieces you have collected thus far throughout your life, and those that have contributed to you being who you are today.

The Journey

The workshop is an individual and very personalized coaching journey that will have weekly assignments for you to complete. Before moving forward in your journey, you must complete and submit your current assignment.

At the conclusion of your journey, we together will meet in a one-on-one 1.5 coaching session at the original price, which can be in-person, virtual, via email, chat, or any other medium that we mutually agreement upon. During this session, we will put pieces together like a puzzle, and evaluate what that composite tells us about how you are designed on the inside, and what that may mean regarding your purpose(s).

The Rules We Play By

If we are unable to mutually agree upon a medium for our session, one of us will choose the medium, and the other will choose the date for our meeting, which must be conducted within no less than one or more than three weeks after all assignments have been submitted, unless we mutually agree otherwise.

During our last 1.5 hour one-on-one session, each of us will have a 15-minute opportunity to share our individual perspective about your composite. As your professional coach, I will present first and you second. At the end of each presentation, the person presenting will share a recommended Personal Vision.

Since you go second, you are free to use your 15 minutes to agree with my perspective, or you may disagree and present your own perspective. You may agree with some parts and disagree with others. Regardless, neither perspective can exceed 15 minutes, unless we both agree to an extension.

All About Y-O-U

This is your story, your life, and your vision. It’s all about you. Therefore, you are free to choose whichever perspective and Personal Vision you desire. No judgment, no further questions will be asked. It is all about you and what you desire to pursue.

After selecting a Personal Vision, the next 30-minute segment of our one-on-one will be devoted to creating a Mission Statement, which represents how you expect to achieve your Personal Vision.

If the Personal Vision is the one that you chose as opposed to the one your coach recommended, then you must lead the discussion by presenting your plan first, if you want to present one at all. You do not have to. You are free to use your 15 minutes to ask questions about how you might achieve your Vision. If you decline input from your coach, it is perfectly okay.

You should leave the session with a Personal Vision and Mission Statement or plan recommended by your coach, or chosen by yourself. This means that you must come to the one-on-one session with your own ideas, perspectives, and plans, but the plan you choose is up to you.

Workshop Details

Your Time Has Come!

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